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Friday, September 30, 2011

Thoughts and Information from David Haas

BLT is branching out in the blogging world and we are currently following the blogs of our new acquaintance David Haas  - While we (BLT)  personally are not liable nor contribute to the blogs listed below we want to give you options to view/reference information found in relation to Cancer of all types in hopes you might find something that interests and benefits  you. As with any publication - please do not do anything or change any habits due to this or any literature until you consult with your physician. We hope you will enjoy this information and we hope to continue to grow in the blogging community.

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Fitness: Benefiting Individuals With Cancer

Whether an individual has recently been diagnosed with cancer or has already overcome cancer, maintaining fitness is essential and can truly be beneficial. While fitness and exercise are not exactly cures for cancer, some research shows that cancer patients and survivors who exercise on a regular basis have a better chance of recovery. This is true for many different kinds of cancer including common cancers such as breast cancer and even rare diseases like mesothelioma.

Battling cancer can be difficult and challenging for just about anyone. Cancer is not bias and it will occur in individuals of all ages, races, and religious backgrounds. When an individual suffers from cancer, he/she will typically be given several options for treatment methods. Cancer treatment will usually consist of radiation therapy or surgery.

Once an individual suffering from cancer begins their cancer treatment, they should start to maintain a much healthier lifestyle. Eating properly and exercising on a regular basis will help a cancer patient in many different ways. Some of the benefits of maintaining a healthier lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising would include an improvement in self-confidence, major reduction of stress, increased energy levels, and an overall happier mood.

There are many different exercises that can be performed by cancer patients and survivors. Some of these exercises include stretches for flexibility, walking, running, swimming, and even lifting weights. A cancer patient or cancer survivor should consult with their physician prior to exercising just to make sure that the physician feels it is alright for the individual to take part in such exercises. Most physicians will even recommend exercise to cancer patients and cancer survivors because of the major benefits. 

By: David Haas

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BLT is currently taking orders for our 1st Cookbook to be ready for delivery mid November just in time for Christmas. We received over 300 recipes that were donated and compiled by a number of supporters, family, friends and even BLT Soldiers. We are looking forward to kicking off our second year with the funds we will receive from this fundraiser. We anticipate this to be enough to file our official application to obtain the 501C3 to be recognized by the state as an official non profit organization. Below you will see a few photographs of some of our recent BLT soldiers we have had the pleasure to meet. These ladies continue to remind us why we are here to support cancer patients and their caregivers. Thank you for your continued support. These ladies and so many others make it all worth it!


Basket Photos

Below you will find just a few of the baskets we have been blessed to provide due to so many supporters and several fund raisers. We could not have done it without anyone involved.

Praises go out to God, the BLT Ladies, Reedy Fork Baptist Church, Pat and Delbert Sims, Darlene Jackson, Susan McLauchlin, Susan Raiford, Tranquility Day Spa, Judy Smith, this barely touches the surface of the people and organizations who have touched BLT and made our journey possible. We have so many constant supporters, who purchase from each fund raiser, donate to our cause for fundraisers, yard sales etc. We are continuing to grow and as we approach our 1 year Birthday we anticipate next year being even bigger and better. 

Boogie For Becky

April 2011 - BLT was invited to celebrate and raise money for a lovely lady named Becky and BLT not only presented her with a basket for her own comfort we were also blessed enough to be able to donate a basket to be auctioned off to benefit Becky and help with some of her expenses. It was such a pleasure to speak to her and she was so happy we are involved with helping cancer patients. We continue to follow up with Becky and she is doing well. We love comforting our "BLT Soldiers" and making new friends at the same time.

We are Battling Life Together -