We welcome you to our blog. We hope that you will follow us as we start out on this journey to make our community a better place. We ask for your prayers, love and support.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fund Raising for BLT

What's Happening in the world of BLT.... 

Kim Knight is doing a fundraiser for BLT! With her Scentsy Business! There are different ways to raise money for the organization ! You can do a book or home party or a online party through her web site www.knightk.scentsy.us
 Just order under the BLT Fundraiser. 25% of each purchase will go to BLT! Also the person who purchases the most Kim will give you a warmer and scent! This goes on from today 4/13/2012 until May 14! Thanks to all that can help! Spread the word so BLT can continue to spread the love to Cancer Patients.

Also on April 21st BLT will be at a local Establishment - Crystals Cool Collections - http://crystalscoolcollection.org/
Beginning at 10 a.m. -5 p.m. Music, Food, Local Artists - Supporting the American Cancer Society

We hope to see you there.

Raffle Tickets for 2 hand made and donated chairs - you can stain and or paint them to your liking. Tickets are $3 each or 2 tickets for $5. Get yours today - Drawing to be held Memorial Day 2012!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just a few of our recent donations - Thank You!


Have you ever considered the impact you might have on someone elses life with a simple card, a care package, a brief phone call to say hello? Being with a group like BLT has shown each of us how even the smallest gesture can have the biggest impact.

With all of the publicity and response BLT received from the Inspired Living Segment we have been so fortunate to meet many other people just like us; impacted by cancer in different ways. There are so many kind and compassionate people willing to reach out their hand to give so that someone else can be reminded they are not alone.

The donations, offers for assistance, referrals have been pouring in and we are so blessed that we are able to continue to give back to the community and reach out to organizations such as St. Judes with the help of others.

BLT has been blessed and we continue to prosper. We are so very close to submitting our 501C application so that we can become official and impact the lives of many more individuals and families.

It is surreal - we can feel excitement that we are able to help so many people, and so much sadness because the numbers of people impacted by cancer is growing. Children and adults are overwhelmed with the diagnosis, the treatments, the cost. The impact that cancer has on the lives of so many can be devastating. The impact can also have the reverse effect and the person(s) will find a way they can impact the life of someone else.

Just recently a BLT soldier was impacted by the loss of a dear friend, another cancer patient she met while having treatments herself. This impact was two fold, not only did she lose a dear friend, she had to face a reality that not all cancer patients survive. Then again, none of us 'survive' in the end. There is a special place we will all go one day, how will you spend your days? Impacting the lives of others or waiting for someone to impact yours?

No matter the answer BLT is here... Battling Life Together. Thank you all for impacting our lives and helping us to impact the lives of others.