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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Operation Christmas Child ~ Part One

As we sat in our October meeting, it really was heavy on my heart that we needed to help a family with Christmas. We talked about it and we didn't know anyone that was dealing with cancer the needed help for Christmas. We asked our friends and family, we all prayed about it, and after three weeks we got our answer to prayer. We had been sent a family who has a little girl (age 3) who had been fighting cancer since she was even younger. This little girl had an older sister, as well.

We got busy asking our BLT supporters for help. As always you blew us away with how fabulous you all are. So much so that when I would talk with Julie about what we had collected, it brought me to tears many times. Because of the amazing BLT supporters this family would no longer have to worry about how to make Christmas happen for their two little girls. They could focus on helping their youngest child fight cancer. YOU, Our supporters removed that burden for them, and every member of BLT is so thankful to you!

The members of BLT want to take the time now to thank anyone who donated anything to our Operation Christmas Child. YOU totally rock, like no one else!! God is gracious! We are all .. "Battling Life Together"!

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